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Current Openings

Al-Fajr International School is recruiting Teaching Staff for the following positions:

  1. Kindergarten Trained Teachers & Assistants.
  2. English - IGCSE and IAL
  3. Mathematics - Primary
  4. Physical Education

Basic Requirement

  • Passion to teach with full confidence
  • Able to bring out their ideas into teaching excellence
  • Strong Islamic etiquettes
  • Abilities and Skills depending on the post applied for.
  • For all Higher Secondary and Secondary teachers, minimum PG qualification is required
  • Able to train and equip the learners to take up the IGCSE and IAL examinations with confidence.

Inshaa Allah, working with us will ensure:

  • Safe working environment
  • Excellent learning atmosphere
  • Tremendous experience on good Teaching and Learning milieu
  • Pay scale as per skills and qualifications.